6 Best Email Marketing Tools to send Better emails

Today we’re going to explore some of the best email marketing tools that you can use to send emails better. These tools will help you understand how to send emails better.

Some of these tools are technical aspects and some other are tools that can help your emails to be more personalized.

What is better email?

First let’s discuss about what is considered the best emails. It is emails that has higher open rate, higher clickthrough rates, more engaging where people will keep reading your emails, and put mark on your customers’ brain where they will remember you, and most importantly, they will try to reply to you give suggestion etc.

In order words, to send better emails you need to understand the technicality of emails endings workflow.

Then you need to understand what makes an email get opened or left unnoticed. After that, you need to think about your email body and how do you write your emails to be more engaging and what best email marketing tools that you need to make your emails more personalized. Lastly, the CTA that has higher clickthrough rate.

Those are the things that you need to think about when you want to send emails to your subscribers.

Always remembers that emails is a personal medium that you have in your possession to make connection with your contacts or subscribers.

However you you also need to make sure that your message get delivered either from the technical aspects and everything else.

Best Email Marketing Tools - Mesta.id

In these six best email marketing tools -hopefully- will help you succeed so you can send email to your subscribers an get your message delivered so they understand your product, your brand and one day your subscribers will purchase whatever your costumers’ problems you want to solve.

Mautic – Marketing Automation Tool

Mautic is the only email marketing automation that you need in order to succeed in email marketing worlds. People might have different stance but nevertheless, you have to try Mautic today.

You can install your Mautic on your cPanel or on your VPS server. but it is recommended that you install Mautic on a VPS server with at least 2 gigabyte of ram’s.

Because Mautic relies heavily on background jobs. However you can still install Mautic on any shared cPanel hosting but you have to make sure that your hosting provider allows you to make some changes on the cPanel.

For example if you are using an external email sending service, you might need to be able to change your ports. This depends on your email sending provider.

Also, Mautic relies heavily on Cron job . If your hosting provider does not allow Cron jobs then you might need to use a VPS server instead.

In my experience most hosting provider has basic requirement in place to install Mautic. Especially the PHP version, database type either my SQL or Maria DB andother important Mautic requirement. please check this link to read more about Mautic requirement.

If you are using cPanel, you can find Mautic installation on Softaculous. Search Mautic and you can begin installationon your cPanel.

Another way to install Mautic is by uploading it to your hosting File Manager, Click this link to download Mautic latest version.

One thing you need to know if you want to send email using Mautic Marketing Automation.

Mautic does not send your emails because sending emails needs an email sending service.


The most popular email sending service is Amazon SES. If you don’t know how to sign up for Amazon SES you can use Mesta SMTP email sending service. It’s like Amazon SES but a lot affordable for small businesses and mid-size business.

Plus, Mesta SMTP is so easy to set up. But most importantly Mesta SMTP can send deliver your emails to your customers inbox not spam folder.

Click this link to learn more about Mesta Email Sending Service.

Check if your emails go to inbox or spam

The next best email marketing tools that you as the email marketer need is by gmass.com inbox analyzer.

This tool allows you to check whether your emails go directly to your subscribers inbox, promotion or spam folder. This particular tool works with Gmail users only.

Because most email address are from Gmail account, this tool is so reliable to check whether your email sending service is good and reliable or not.

Once you have created your email template to send to your subscribers, you first need to check whether it goes to inbox folder, promotion or spam folder.

If for example your emails go to spam folder, you might probably need to check the content, the subject lines or whether or not you have an unsubscribe linked on your email.

We can’t really know why an email goes to spam because spam checker especially from Google does not provide any technical information on how to solve it.

So, in order your email doesn’t end up on spam folder, you can make your email body which is your information to sound like you’re sending it to a friend, family or coworker.

One thing I’ve notice after sending thousands of emails every month is that emails without personalization such as names or email address have higher probability to spam folder.

To tackle this problem you have to make sure that your form consists of at least 2 things name an email address.

Sso when you’re going to send your email, you can put your subscribers’ name on your email .

Your forms should consist of name and email. Not More or Less.

Another reason why an email goes to spam folder is because a technical stuff such as IP that has been tagged as bad i.e. blacklisted, your FPS and DMARC setting. So when you use gmass.co you can check whether you’re email goes to inbox, promotion folder or worse spam folded.

Make sure your emails are delivered.

The next best email marketing tools that you need is also from gmass.co: Email Analyzer. But this tool is dedicated solely for developers who are interested and has basic technical expertise on email marketing.

Meaning that you need an additional technical ability in order to understand how to fix whatever information email analyzer by gmass.co

Email Analyzer will analyze whether your IP has been blacklisted or not. If your IP has been backlisted, then there is no other way but to change your hosting provider, especially if you are using cPanel shared hosting.

But if you are using a VPS server, you can buy a dedicated IP that you can use to send email.

To use the gmass.co email analyzer is very easy.

First visit the gmass email analyzer above. Then you will be provided with an email address that you need to send email to.

Once you have sent your email to the provided email address, you will see a lots of information and you can analyze everything that you thing important.

First you need to check whether your IP -is on any blacklist or not. Next you will see whether your emails sending service has a DKIM signature or not. After that you need to check your SPF.

gmass.com email analyzer will show everything that you need to fix if your email SPF setting has some degree of error. That’s why gmass.com email analyzer is on my list of best email marketing tools you should use.

Verify Email address validity

Sometimes you your customers or subscriber will give you an invalid email address. They might probably mistyped it or sometimes they just don’t want to give you their primary email but use a temp Mail email address instead.

For reason you need this best email marketing tools to check whether the email is active i.e. valid or not.

Because if you keep sending invalid emails, your IP address will most likely get blacklisted. Moreover, if you’re constantly sending email to the invalid email addresses, other emails that you’re sending will be most likely to go to spam.

That’s why you need to sometimes verify your subscribers email address. The best email marketing tools to verify email is verify-email.org.

Verify-email.org can only verify one email at the time and you can check 10 invalid email addresses per hour.


In my experience, this tool is very reliable because we don’t actually need to check every email address that coming into our email list.

If you for example need to verify a lot of email addresses in batch, you can use free service from elasticemail.com.

You have to sign up for their service before you can use this tool. this tool is free and you don’t need to put your credit card to use this free tool.

Advances Email’s Deliverability Tester.

The next best email marketing tools you need before you send emails to your subscribers is mailtester.com.

This tool is very much like the gmass.co email analyzer. However there are some differences that mailtester.com provided where gmass.co doesn’t.

Mail-Tester.com checks if your domain has two email signatures set up and validated. First is DKIM and second is SPF

They are two effective email signatures against spoofing, phishing or impersonation. When your subscribers receive your emails, their spam filter automatically poke your domain to see if those signatures are not forged

A quick note about SPF

Sender Policy Framework (or SPF) is a method for recipients to check your domain registry where you’ve authorized your host or you’re sending service to deliver emails on your behalf. In other words it helps your recipients determine if an email is a scam or not

How does mail-tester.com work?

They will generate for you a random email addresses each time you access the their port.

You should send an email from your favorite newsletter software to this email address. Once done, you can check your score. And as soon as they receive your message or email they will give you spam score

Furthermore mail-tester.com will analyze your email’s server and also your sending IP and show you a detailed report of what’s configured properly and what’s not

Then your result will be accessible for seven days and if you want your result to be accessible for 30 days you can create an account and you can use your own prefix.

If you have tested your email using mail-tester.com but your email still goes to spam folder, this because -like we have discussed above- email spam checker is somewhat like myth.

No one knows why or how an email goes to spam even though you have correctly configured every technical aspect.

This is because no one can really know but you can do a lot to improve your chances like getting a perfect score or mail-tester.com

One thing to remember is that all spam filters work differently. what may pass in mail-tester.com might not in your own office inbox.

It also depends on user performance for example one of your subscribers hit “this is spam” button in Yahoo, Yahoo will adapt that to that person only and not everyone you are sending email to Yahoo users.

Make an Engaging and Personalized Emails

The previous best email marketing tools we have discussed is about a technical tools that you can use to send a perfect emails to your subscriber.

Emojipedia.org on the other hand is a tool that you need to make your emails more personalize to your subscribers and will be most likely in hope that it will be more engaging to read.

Fun Fact

Fun fact emoji shows emotion that words cannot express in a very simple manner.

Emoji also help your emails to get higher open rates if you use emoji on your subject lines correctly.

What emoji should you use on your subject line is some what debatable. Experts suggest that you should do A/B testing using emoji on your subject line.

Below are emojis that worked well when I tested on my email subject lines. it might not work the same because email content that I write is not the same how you write. On the other words, it’s basically depends on your product or service and your customers.

  • Top Performance
    • ? – Grinning Face
    • ? – ledger
    • ❓ – question mark
  • Runner Up
    • ✨ – sparkles
    • ?- glowing star
  • Mix Results
    • ? – love letter
    • ❤️ – heart

If you never tried A/B testing using emoji on your subject lines you can start by observing people who send newsletters to your emails. Someone might have tested this on you.

So it’s probably good idea to start using emoji that they are using to sent you. They might have a really good data to use that emoji instead of other emoji.

One thing to note about using emoji on your emails is that emojis are depends on devises. People use different devices to access email. Some might use PC, phone, Android or iPhone. Plus, emoji does not shows the same to every devices, emoji on Apple devices has slightly different from that of Samsung. You get the idea.

Final Thoughts

So these are some the best email marketing tools that you need to be successful on email marketing. I hope this post enlighten you in any forms.

If you would like to suggests best email marketing tools that you are using that I haven’t cover on this post, please share it to me you see this form.