Sleep Before 12 Midnight

When we were kids, 2 decades ago or so, we were told to get to bet before 9 and it was so easy to have long, nice sleep. However, today at adulthood, sleeping before twelve o’clock is not something we accustom to. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that we can’t. We name this insomnia. 

We believe what doctors say, maybe on a health website, that insomnia is not a pleasant habit and it comes with dangerous results to our body and it should not be lingered. Insomnia results, as doctors exclaim, an unproductive day ahead. 
Since insomnia happens when our eyes stay wide awake all night and somehow we don’t have power to close them off, there are tips and advises offered for most adults. These tips help us to override how our mind works so we might get some long, nice sleep. 
First, this must be considered as challenge, otherwise, it won’t work. Second, the following tips are not in order so you may choose whichever you believe suited you best.
Exercise is good and always will be and is believed that it can prevent insomnia. Exercise in the morning burns fat and is good for heart and brain. Since you are insomniac which means waking up in the morning always in rush for work, you can start exercising in the evening. 
It should not necessarily be a strong exercise because strong or tough exercises are not equivalent to healthy body. Jogging a few rounds or sit up a hundred times or perhaps swimming can be considered a healthy and easy exercises everyone can do.
No coffee after 6 if you are a coffee fan and if you aren’t don’t try to have some before 6 PM. As doctors say that caffeine in coffee blocks neurons responsible for brain to sleep. Thus, this is one of reasons why we can’t sleep. 
Other methods are probably suited you more but these two are among the best and the easiest. Let’s start challenging ourselves by starting the two tips a few times and then we develop other appropriate methods that work universally. 
No one can deny that insomnia, the difficulty to fall asleep, is problematic and it seems like it’s killing us. Therefore, it is tremendously important to challenge ourselves to sleep before 12 o’clock. This challenge is best be done weekly or once a month.

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