Keep Phones Away on Weekends

In modern times, keeping our phones aside from us is probably, with or without a strict command, a tremendous challenge we might face. It is very difficult for most adults unable to check Facebook feeds or tweets, or perhaps, unable to read news from online portal websites, or maybe, unable to check on games’ current activity.


It would mean lost in the world when we forget to take our phones due to rush and urgency meetings or unintentionally forget to recharge the phones the other night. The idea of being offline to all social media and instant messaging is, if not exaggerated, a catastrophe. No one could bare not sliding left only to check what time is it. 

The notion of keeping our phones away and staying offline for a weekend, probably just on Sunday, is in fact a good and healthy challenge we need to commit. Although it is conventionally unorthodox for our postmodern time to evade phones, not carrying phones in our pockets for a day has calm and friendly advantages we might get. Below are pivotal points that one, everyone, might get on committing to phone away on Sunday challenge, only for 24 hours.
no cell phone
It has been awhile since we were properly bored and weary. It is good to get bored because good things happen when we have to search for something interesting to do. Good and handmade furniture might come to existence from abandon logs in our back yard. It doesn’t require skillful hands to craft logs to be placed in a living room. 
Client mails can wait as well as research papers because there are people who care more about you, perhaps your nanny who wants to comb your hair, and there are others who need you, to play with or to talk to. 
Because some extraordinary experiences can’t be obtained on screen and there are thoughts waiting to be written down. There are places just outside the town that are widely unexplored and you need sometimes to see those places to have new perspective. 
This challenge guides us to understand that phones are too addictive and most importantly, they are trying to keep you on your phone to make many out of you. Thousands of ads prompt inconveniently and uncontrollably over and over. 
Because traffic crowd on the street doesn’t feel the same as traffic on online servers. Horns on The street should not be forgotten because their presence is indeed the alternative form of music instrument. 
Challenges aren’t supposed to be treated bad. They are need to be embraced as they develop us to be precisely more mature and straighten ourselves in many observable ways. Thus, if you happen to read this on Sunday, turn of the phone.

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