Be n+1 More Ambitious Is Easy

It’s tempting to think that some people are extremely wealthy. This is understandably safe to assume that they possess similar characteristics, among the wealthy, that most people don’t, they are the wealthy throughout the course of their lives very ambitious. You may have wondered why are some people very ambitious. Isn’t it the not valuable quality one could have?

Here on this page I’d like to spread thoughts and argue that we – the mature and intended to achieve a fulfilling live – need to be ambitious, or I would put in the term, righteously ambitious. This is the sort of ambition one needs to flourish whether one is struggling on his/her thesis at a university or one simply wishes to get a better job. 

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We often ask ourselves perhaps at late night where every individual has fall asleep a question “should I be ambitious considering the fact that this is the trait forbade, if not condemn?” Such question may arise only when one does not quite comprehend the results and achievements of being ambitious.

Should I be ambitious considering the fact that…

Having said that when one tries to be a little bit more ambitious, one could, undeniably, achieve more. The reason why this – being ambitious resulting toward more achieving lives – is a cause and effect situation is because one who tries to be ambitious sets goals, real written goals.

Essentially, no one wants to be left behind, everyone struggles to achieve his or her goals, to get what one desires. Yet, goals that are not well written or articulated indeed will result nothing, they are merely thoughts that are failed to be executed.

Sincerely, I am not entirely very ambitious myself as I should be or expect myself to be. This is the thought I have dwelt upon for quite some time. The thoughts that I’m not very achieving lately, that I’m OK of being not achieving. All of these thoughts drive me crazy.

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On one hand, I don’t want what most people my age want that is to say cars, new iPhone or that premium coffee shop at the corner of the street. I simply urge to have simple things and as few things as possible. Like the laptop I’m currently using, or that phone however mediocre it is, I like to keep on on these things. However, on the other hand, I want to be more ambitious, but could never accomplished. I sometimes want to be more materialists even though I resent it.

want to be more ambitious, but…

After having been discussing with a friend of mine, one practical way to be more ambitious is to set goals that needed to be accomplished. These goals are then required to be explicitly articulated. On the other hand, you need to write your goals down in a piece of paper.

How to plan goals

The thing we all should consider when planning our goals is that they all should be reasonably achievable under certain range of time. Meaning that our goals should by definition be practical and convenience at our desirable pace.

Use words that are clear and memorable. I usually write all things that I plan to accomplish on a piece of paper using a pen and paper, a notebook is sufficient. Unlike writing on computer or an android app like OneNote or Evernote, hand writing with pen and paper arguably more memorable.

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There will be moment that you couldn’t remind yourself of the goals you’ve set weeks or months ago. I bet this is very common to whoever trying to be more ambitious by setting up goals. To avoid this from happening is to keep our notes written every day.

The last thing worth mentioning on how we should write and carefully plan our goals in order to accomplish them, thus be more ambitious, is to continuously reflect ourselves on the goals we’ve set up. In other words, we need to make things real, real actions. Otherwise, it would be the same as the smoke in a hurricane. 

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