The Challenge We Must Accept

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Challenges are what make us strong. As the old proverb – smooth ocean doesn’t make good sailors – Sometimes we see ourselves as a person who can do things that only our self can solve it perfectly. Another time, we feel internally proud of ourselves when our friends turn to us for their personal problems because they know we are capable to help them. Today, we dare to challenge you – and ourselves – for the task that most of us afraid or incapable to do, that is, to call or reengage to our old best friends that once were always there with us. They might be the person we met last decade in a bus or our high school teacher that were once helping us with our problems, or think older, our elementary classmate, the one we wouldn’t go to school if he or she were sick. This is the challenge that we all must except.

Why this is – we believe – so important?

Look at how it will affect us when we try to reengage with them. It will show us a caring and emotionally intelligent person wanted to make ourselves happy. On the other hand, look how it will affect them. This effort will make our relationship much stronger.

How to do it?

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First, start with texting. This is the easiest way to begin with because texting lets us know them back bit by bit without meeting them directly. We might often see them on BBM feed or on Facebook timeline that is why to start texting them through social media assuming that they still on the same mobile number or the same account.

Second, start during a big event that they probably experience it the same way as we do. This will prevent the awkwardness between you two, after all, this is the first time you text them again after ages of no communication. If the event is a disaster that you believe happens somewhere nearby. Ask how they are, are they alright, is there something happen to them. Then you can talk about you two, talk about when the last time you two met. After that, you improvise, use the communication skill you have to keep the conversation nicely flow. When we know their whereabouts, we can ask to meet them directly. 

Of course it is easier said than done. But this matter must be done. We cannot forget them just because we moved town or changed school that makes us far away from them. They are the same valuable as they used to be when they were close to us. We need to start now, start one by one, and choose the best way and in the right time.

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