Phone Kills Me


They turn their faces to you whenever you demand them to do so

However busy they get, they’ll compel to you

Even though you cost them so dang much, they all are fine with that

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Pets are not comparable to you, you are the world to them and you give them all they need

Humans, they, have been altering reality to fantasy ever since you came along to the existence 

On you they lean, yet you can’t lean back on them whatsoever

Now, you are part of human’s anatomy, a vital organ that no one can live without you on hand


Ending your relationship with the humans right away is impossible, at least not for the next couple dozen decades

Kids start spending their time with you now days and the parents grant that to happen

It is obvious to observe the dark sides of you but no one can deny contributions you have provided for them

Linking friends and family and the entire world is what you are doing

Long distance relationship has no more boundary, lovers from two continents can rely on you

Something wonderful emerges when you and they cooperate together

My friendliest and humblest advice for you and them would be

Everything you and they plan for the future should be cross checked and managed

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