On Fantasies

Fantasy can simply be defined as the act of creating our own world that happens in our mind – only in our minds. The fractions of pictures that we can imagine in our head could be surviving a zombie apocalypse world or perhaps dating the crashes in a romantic dinner or maybe being a CEO at fancy corporation which manufacture electronic devises. Hence, there are several benefits we can attain from fantasies. In this essay, we’re going to look at values fantasies provide us. We are also going to examine what are examples of good and bad fantasies and how should we reacts upon them.

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Everyone fantasizes once in a while and we should not be embarrassed of fantasies that occur in our minds. Experts believe that voices or pictures that play in our heads are not because we are insane or odd or having an injured brain. This happens purely because that is how our brain works. Everyone, our parents, friends of our lovers, fantasizes and there is nothing wrong with it.

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Fantasies are the cheapest form of entertainment that we can enjoy in our quiet moments. Unlike any other type of entertainments, fantasies do not cost us even a penny. They do not require place or time, they only need us and our beautiful mind. Furthermore, we can be any one and can we do anything. We can visit wonderful places with partners and kids or give speech at international conferences where current issues are discussed, and they all are free and very much relaxing. 


It relaxes us in a way we might never possess. Some may perhaps doubt this idea do to the widespread facts that fantasies are pretty much a waste of time, sinful acts or crazy thoughts. Some fantasies are crazy and vulgar and that are ok and some are benevolent and that are ok, too. Who are we to judge with what happens in peoples’ minds. Thus, these multipurpose and multi layered thoughts indeed relax us. 

It’s ok to fantasize weather living in beautiful and extravagant hotels in Abu Dhabi or being a model for female magazines or perhaps experimenting newly discovered intercourse positions, cursing at our rivals maybe put them down on bare hands with one single punch. It’s not a sinful act because the sane fantasize in their minds while the crazy transform thought to actions, literally. 


No one blames us of what happens in our heads. They simply can’t know unless we utter it with words of what are we fantasizing. We sometimes need to fantasize and imagine the other possible reality that we can conjure in our mind which has not effect in this reality. Yet, we, the rational and healthy mind, do not act upon every voices that are speaking in our head. We should be wise and no harm follows.

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