How to Write Email Subject Lines Like a Pro

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Did you know that email subject lines that contain three to five words get more and higher open rate by 20%?

That’s true!

Everywhere you go, every blog post you read on email marketing says that your email subject is the most important. I can’t stressed this strong enough “the most important.

We believe this to the core.

If you write carelessly or don’t put extra attention or worst never tried A/B test on your email subject, your email will never get noticed.

How to Write Email Subject Lines Like a Pro

Lucky for you, this article is intended for you to write better email subject.

Write 3-5 words on email subject lines

Numerous studies on email subject show that having shorter and precise (to the point) email subject get higher open rate by 20%.

Also, our experience sending thousands of email to our new or less engage subscribers, shorter email subject doesn’t work well. However, our active subscribers prefer the shorter and to the point email subject.

That’s why you need to segment your email contact/subscribers based on their engagement (open, click or reply).

How to write shorter email subject lines?

There are a couple of things you need to remember so your short email subject get noticed and the end results open your email.

Understand your subscribers

You can understand your subscribers through various ways on of which is segmentation. We at Mesta segment our subscribers based on their interaction with our emails.

Our subscribers how have replied at least once are prioritized. They’re the best.

Other ways to segment is based on location. Joss at suggests that segmentation based on location is a good practice.

You can also segment based on what your subscribers like to read. In other word, based on who they are. We at Mesta love this idea.

For example, if a subscriber spends three minutes on a blog post discussing email marketing, that subscriber gets tagged “email marketing” and will be segmented. If a subscriber watches 20% of a YouTube video on Email SMTP Relays, he or she will be segmented “technical experts”

The last option that you could try to understand your subscribers is creating a form where your subscribers could fill out.

Obviously you have to ask for their names and emails. Duh! You could extend your form with sex, phone number, interest. Basically, all sorts information you deem important to get to know your subscribers.

Write comparison ideas

Next tips to write shorter email subject line is by comparing two or more contradicting ideas.

You could simply write your email subject line like Amazon SES or Mesta SMTP?

This email get 57% open rates in three days. It poses the right questions. On the subscribers’ mind, Amazon SES is definitely very popular but – on the other hand – Mesta SMTP is relatively affordable and very reliable.

You must be careful with email subject line that compares two ideas. You have to be certain that the subscriber for sure already knows Amazon SES and Mesta SMTP. In our case these subscribers belong to the “technical Experts”

The secret sauce for comparing ideas is this:

A or B – like the example above

A and B Never C

Is A and B the same?

Can you think of a short email subject line for every secret sauce above that fit with your subscribers?

Mention name: end results

You could also write name: end results for your short email subject lines.

Now, a lot of advanced email marketing software allows you to mention your subscriber’s name on your email subject lines. This is a no brainer. Most if not all email marketing software allows you to do this.

Writing email subject like this is short (that’s what we want) and most importantly represents that we care about what our subscribers what.

That’s why you should personalized your email marketing strategies. Mentioning your subscribers’ name with colon mark (the 🙂 plus what they want is the best practice.

That’s our tips so you could write better email subject lines.

If you want to be better at writing email subject lines or Email marketing in general, subscribe to Mesta Weekly Newsletters.

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